Plandora configuration Debian

When you install Plandora, the default path of Knowledge Base index repository is “c:\index”. I know, I know, it is a stupid idea to set a Window’s path such as default setup ;-). But it is very easy to update the correct path.

All that you have to do is: (a) to sign-on at Plandora using the root user (2) click at “Options” link. (3) At Options form, there is a option called “Knowledge Base Index Files Folder”, change it to a linux path, for example: “/usr/share/tomcat/kb_index/”. (4) Make sure that this folder has Read and Write permissions. Plandora (thru Lucene) will use it to save the files of KB indexes.

Then go to Options Form of root user (System Administrator Options) and press the button: “Reset Index”. Plandora will create all indexes again in background. Depending the number of tasks, requests, risks,  etc of your data base, this process will take some time.

Alberto Pereto