A more RESTful WP-CLI

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Landing page last updated: 12 January, 2016

WP-CLI’s mission is to be, quantitatively, the fastest interface for developers to manage WordPress. “A more RESTful WP-CLI” is a Kickstarter-backed project to unlock the potential of the WordPress REST API at the command line. This funding supports 283 hours of Daniel Bachhuber’s time towards making improvements to WP-CLI and the WP REST API.

Wait a second, what does it mean to “unlock the potential of the WP REST API at the command line”? Pragmatically, it means any endpoints registered in plugins or themes will be automagically accessible as WP-CLI commands. For instance, if you were to register an endpoint for GET /my-plugin/v1/product/<id>, this endpoint will also be accessible on the command line as (more or less) wp @prod product get <id>.

However, this project is also a multi-faceted exploration of what it means for WP-CLI to be the fastest way to manage WordPress, in a world backed by the WP REST API.

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