Come inserire un’immagine nel forum italiano di WordPress

Come inserire un immagine nel forum italiano di WordPress
  • utilizza un servizio gratuito come dove caricare un immagine
  • una volta caricata, tasto dx del mouse clicca su “Apri immagine in un altra scheda”
  • copia indirizzo, tipo
  • scrivi un tag HTM in questo modo <img src=” ……. “>
  • al posto dei puntini inserire l’URL dell’immagine

How To enable Visual Studio Code upgrade on Linux Debian

Visual Studio Code enabled official Linux repositories on February 2017 (v1.10) sudo add-apt-repository -y “deb stable main ” sudo apt update sudo apt -y install code You can upgrade / dist-upgrade as usual sudo apt -y upgrade sudo apt -y dist-upgrade

How to Install the latest Mozilla Firefox version in Debian

Quantum Firefox Logo

These are the only two command that lets you install the latest Mozilla Firefox  Quantum on your Linux Debian first download the latest Firefox version available wget -O FirefoxSetup.tar.bz2 “” than create the directory mkdir /opt/firefox untar the latest Firefox version in the new directory tar xjf FirefoxSetup.tar.bz2 -C /opt/firefox/ …

Owncloud code integrity popup upgrading to 10.03 [SOLVED]

I update owncloud to 10.0.3 and I got a message like “There were problems with code integrity check” The list of invalid files was appear like this: Technical information ===================== The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read the previous linked documentation to learn more …