WordCamp Torino 2019 a personal Diary


Here is an excerpt from my talk about Italian and International Support for WordPress at the WordCamp Torino 2019

Two intense days that enrich all those who have the “antennas” to capture how much useful information can be shared among people from all over the world

Thanks to @lausacco (along with his wonderful DreamTeam https://2019.torino.wordcamp.org/organizers/) for organizing a “Drama Free” WordCamp as she rightly pointed out @FrancescaMarano, lead speaker and excellent CD as usual

Happy to be able to meet the friends of Yoast @afercia, @SergeyBiryukov, @OmarReiss, @LucP (who won the prize for the best site realized with Gutenberg) and to be able to congratulate the new CEO @MariekeRakt who made a talk I would say necessary in this moment

Yoast Team at Torino for wctrn 2019
Yoast Team at Torino for wctrn 2019

My Sicilian origins cause slight telluric movements at the meeting with the Puglia’s brothers @ fra83 @ gAllegretta92 @ msktt32

I met the biblio-nerd @ Erika Marconato who practices #CivicHackingIT together with @dagoneye = retrieves his slides here https://medium.com/civichackingit/una-donna-in-tech-io-7d0f2f6da79c ()

Re-met @carlodaniele, with whom we always make wonderful chats about a thousand things besides the strictly computer-related themes, which translated this useful guide that brought and gave for free to all the participants of the WordCamp Torino 2019

Velocizzare WordPress
Velocizzare WordPress

Meeting in person who, besides being a friend, has also become a customer of our WooCommerce Fattureincloud Premium plugin https://woofatture.com/ was a great occasion, Thank you!

Woofatture Logo

Of course there are dozens of other fabulous people who I may not mention now and I apologize to them right now, but I can share with you the pleasure of having reviewed @nando_p whose success story is an example for everyone, or having met in person @alebegoli and @robertopasini (who did not believe in the native WordPress announcement since 2020 and I hope he is now convinced;))

Congratulations to @ MatteoSpi0 neo Organizer of WordPress courses in schools, an integral part of the community, the youngest I believe with his 17 years!

@rmelogli International superstar of the #WooCommerce universe that I inserted in the Credits of the plugin as far as its support was useful in terms of ready-made solutions

I’ve seen the legendary @lopo that reaches 3,000,000 active installations with its famous plugin https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/ while met @eri_trabiccolo with its https://it.wordpress.org/ plugins / childify-me / helps us to do the child theme

Object-oriented programming told almost philosophically by @gmazzap

The @grusp event organizer (as well as a very dear friend) @giuliatosato with whom we underlined the “seriousness” of the event together with our beautiful @ fra83

Giulia Francesco Cristiano al WordCamp Torino
Photoboot crazy as usual

and I saw the video of the most active Italian WordPress vlogger Andrea Marchetti right about the WCTRN, with which we shared the Support table and a thousand other interesting ideas, as it has always been since we first met 3 years ago at the very first WordCamp Torino 2016!

Thank you all, it was a great experience!

The Support Table at the Contributor Day of the Turin 2019 WordCamp